Monday, June 16, 2008

Frontal Nudity

Frontal Nudity
Originally uploaded by screenpunk

Friday 13th, a few hours before the EK match Holland - France, miss Screenpunk and me were waiting at one of the four elevator doors in our appartment block to get to the Albert Hein supermarket to do some football shoppings. We were discussing if we wanted to eat chicken wings during the match, meatballs, or maybe both.

Then the elevator door opened and out of the blue we were confronted with this couple standing in the elevator completely naked !

"O, wrong floor," the naked guy said pretty cool when he saw our perplexed faces. Then he pushed a button on the control panel. The naked girl behind him started laughing very loud. When the doors closed i saw she wore black stockings with flowers on it.
"Dit is heel apart," said miss Screenpunk, this is very unusual.

Up to the Albert Hein and back miss Screenpunk and me discussed what we had seen and how this nude couple could end up in the elevator. We have few possibilities:
- she is a escortgirl that was forced into certain sexacts. She tried to escape, but he followed her and got up with her in the elevator. But we dont think this plausibel because her laughing so loud when she saw us;
- they are two singles who have each a seperate appartment in our block. They were having sex in one appartment and decided during their acts to move to another appartment;
- they are just a crazy couple who thought the elevator - with its mirror, red carpet and moody spotlights - is some kind of bordello where they wanted to have sex

Miss Screenpunk is persuading me since Friday also to go naked in the elevator and see what happens. I dont like that idea, but every few hours i take my camera to the elevator, call the elevator up and push the camerabutton when the doors open. Who knows what will show, hahaha.